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Sign the petition: Tell Berkshire Hathaway to shut down their toxic MidAm coal plants!

When you hear Berkshire Hathaway, you probably don’t think of coal plants. In fact, if you attend their big shareholders meeting in Omaha on May 6th, you probably won’t even hear the word “coal” mentioned on stage. 

But in reality, they’re one of the biggest CO2 emitters in the country - all because they refuse to shut down their dangerous MidAm coal plants. That’s right - those Iowa coal plants that lead to 90 premature deaths and an extra $145.7 million in health care costs every single year are owned by Berkshire Hathaway. 

Berkshire Hathaway not only refuses to close these toxic coal plants, but they’re also one of the top insurers of fossil fuel projects in the country, making it easier for outdated, expensive, and dangerous coal plants to operate for decades longer than they need to.

Enough is enough. Sign our petition calling on Berkshire Hathaway to close their toxic MidAm coal plants by 2030! Iowan’s deserve a coal-free future!

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